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On Vinyl is another ECMA nominee I covered in my alterna-preview post. As I mentioned in that post, I liked the few songs I'd heard from this Fredericton indie rock triumvirate (I also liked using the word triumvirate, hence it's re-appearance), so I was hoping to get the chance to do a full review. Luckily, Chris and the guys from On Vinyl were kind enough to send the hill a copy of their debut album, and so here we are.

I believe this is the first review I've done for a New Brunswick-based band, and I'm glad it's such a good album, as I'd hate to have to slag someone from my father's home province. Strode Dodger is described by the band thusly: "The eight blistering tracks on Strode Dodger show a band certain of how they want to sound and able to deliver feel-good rock every step of the way". Pretty apt description of the album as the guys crank the rock up for 8 up-tempo songs while still managing to add some variety so you don't feel like you're listening to an ocho-pack of the same song.

I'm glad On Vinyl mentions Sloan as an influence in their bio, because it's the comparison that comes to mind as soon as you hear Caught Up. The guitars and harmonies are mighty Sloan-tastic, but that's far from a bad thing in my book, in fact it makes for a great song. The bass and riffs on Nothin Wrong work together lovely, and the ripping geetar solo at the end brings to mind #1 Jays fan Geddy and his band, whom the guys also site as a reference. Lost & Gawking might be my favorite track on the album. The jangling guitar riff is the perfect backdrop for Chris MacLean's vocals, which have an appealing, slightly off-kilter quality that helps keep On Vinyl's songs from being too obvious. The frenetic Strode Dodger has pulsing, almost punk edge to it, while the wistful On The Road is a fine way to end things.

Strode Dodger is an enjoyable, if wackily named, debut from On Vinyl, and I can see why it garnered them the ECMA nomination. With plenty of solid riffs, and hooks that'll have you humming along from the get go, this Freddy triumvirate (ok, last time, promise) deliver the stellar Maritime flavoured rock. Don't take my word for it, check out Strode Dodger for yourself.


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