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Overtop of the slow drone of a bowed cello, chimes, bells and a pseudo happy combination of drums and acoustic, Jason Quever's reverb heavy vocals describe the cold, harsh reality of a boss dismissing an employee’s love as an affair ends painfully. That’s pretty well all you really need to hear before embracing the new Papercuts record – Can’t Go Back.

As the record flows into John Brown, the quiet cool the band uses should warm the heart of any Velvet Underground fan. Although the songs are new, they sound like they could have been unearthed from a time capsule. It’s the type of sound you expect to hear fighting with the beautiful crackles and pop of old, slightly warped vinyl, but instead you are greeted with subtle atmospheric string flourishes, a myriad of instruments, where every note seems to be placed perfectly. The quiver of the strings and simple drums beat pave the way for dueling guitars and Jason’s double tracked vocals.

Quever balances the record with the precision of a horse rider. He knows when to pull tight on the reigns and slow the pace, but he also knows when to just let go and let the album run. Although the band explores the psychedelic space, they refuse to get trapped in it. From the Dylan-esque stomp of Taking the 227th Exit, the dream pop of Sandy, to the country tinged backing guitar of Outside Looking In (and it sounds like it could be a Skygreen Leopard’s song), the band meanders through so many styles you’d expect them to get lost. Instead, Quever’s voice is true and the result is a record that moves from warm to cold, new to old, but is never boring.

The standout track for me is the acoustic driven, Just Another Thing to Dust. A cute, acoustic track backed with psychedelic undertones, where he pessimistically predicts the collapse of a new relationship, waiting patiently for the sheen to inevitably wear off.

The Papercuts will be here in a few days, warming up the crowd for Grizzly Bear.
Feb. 17th @ the Plaza

MP3:: Dear Employee
MP3:: Just Another Thing to Dust (live) - via STG (you have to click to get to this, as I feel bad just stealing some bandwidth)

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