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All too often, trying to please everybody leads to pleasing no one. When it comes to the the Sea and Cake, it's a bit different. Their liberal mix of rock, free jazz, soothing vocals and almost jammed out riffs has made them one of the most consistent bands in my arsenal. I'm always able to throw on an album and within one or two tracks I'm caught up in Prekop's vocals and Prewitt's unique ability to support the vocals with interesting melodies.

It's been four years since the release of One Bedroom, and Everybody was rumored to be Sea and Cake's rock record. Well, after a few listens, it is and it isn't. The flowing melodies and vocals are still there. So are the jazzy chord progressions, but the material seems more focused and the band seems to get to the point quicker. The distorted sound of Crossing Line is a perfect example. The track is still groovy, but the harder edge is a welcome addition. So is the pseudo afrodub rhythms of Exact to Me.

But, to be fair, the band still relies on an experimental jazz backbone to create pleasant sounds. The outro of Lightning flows like water and Introducing sounds more like a jam session that just clicked than a set song. The quartet hoists a glass of the jazz shiraz on Middlenight, and pays subtle homage to the Touchdown era sounds Bob James made so funky.

The record has some unbelievable high points (the summertime funk infused Too Strong and the head nodding Lightning) with very few lows, but as is often the case with this band you get a record that is simply solid from start to finish. Will this album get the band any new fans? Probably not, but for those of us who have fallen in love with their style are rewarded with enough standards (like Coconut) and subtle changes and risks to keep us more than satisfied. Yet another spectacular release in 2007.


@ 7:21 PM, Anonymous Jeff kicked the following game:

I dig this album. The Sea and Cake doesn't always do it for me, but I think this is the best they've released in a while.


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