Thursday, March 22, 2007

News:: Land of Talk in Vancouver

Some big shows are heading to the Couve. The first is the annual Arts County Fair at UBC. It’s the annual festival to mark the end of the school year (Thursday, April 12th, 2007 at Thunderbird Stadium), and this year one of the acts is big on my list of must sees.

Land of Talk is a Montreal trio that has been exploding on the scene lately. Catchy as hell fuzzed out guitars and a dynamite female vocalist (Elizabeth’s voice is fragile and powerful at the same time, but am I the only one who hears Edie Brickell in there?), the songs from the Applause Cheer Boo Hiss EP somehow manage to channel Sonic Youth and PJ Harvey at the same time.

From restrained noise freakouts (the outro of Street Wheels and All My Friends are well constructed noise tapestries) to R&B; breakdowns (Sea Foam), this band doesn’t get caught in the indie mold. They still have a crunchy sound (Summer Special is a text book v/c/v track that has been known to repeat itself on my daily playlists), and tracks like Magentic Hill are infectious, but they are very good at experimenting with time signatures. They are just as successful when they slow it down, as the spacey tempo, nice baseline and sparse drums of Street Wheels proves.

My only real objection with this EP is that it’s not an LP. Seven tracks isn’t enough.

MP3:: Speak to me Bones
MP3:: Magnetic Hill
Video:: Sea Foam

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