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Fancy a $4500 (Cdn) curry? In honour of the Ack's UK adventure, I thought I'd post this story about everyones favorite, big-headed college dropout flying over a curry feast from Wales. That's right, yer man Kanye (or rather, his label) is flying over a meal from the British Raj restaurant near Newport, Wales. Apparently the chef will be helicoptered to Heathrow with the food, and then flown to New York where he'll cook the meal in a "secret location". Which of course makes plenty of sense, if the public found out where head chef Kaysor Ahmed was preparing a 5 foot fish for Kanye West, it would be pandemonium!

Honestly, other than as a publicity grab, I have no ieda why this story was leaked to the press. While 2000 pounds is a lot of cash for an Indian meal, it's not really that outrageous considering all the trouble the restaurant is going through to bring the food over. In fact, I can see Kanye spending 3 grand & change at the Olive Garden, so an Indian meal flown in from Wales featuring a 5 foot fish is probably just another meal for him.

Bonus big head coverage:

Citizens of the world, you can rest easy, it seems Herohill favorite Chris Martin has written a new song that we all have to hear before we die. I don't have to tell our music-savy readership what fantastic news this is, so I'll let the Guardian sum up the world's reaction to it:

"the global village mopped its feverish brow and offered macrobiotic sacrifices in thanks"

Enough said.

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