Tuesday, March 13, 2007

News:: Ooh We Still Love You Rakeem

Between my Afro Samurai post, and this here one you're ogling, we (er, I) have a bit of a RZA love fest going on the hill lately. In fact I was going to put up today's jam with that previous post, but in the end I thought it deserved it's own.

Before Bobby Digital, there was the RZA's first solo incarnation, Prince Rakeem. Ooh We Love You Rakeem was recorded in 1988, according to what the RZA himself says in the Wu-Tang Manual, but I remember first seeing the video on Muchmusic around 90-91. I enjoyed it long time, and hoped to procure perhaps a cassingle of the song at the time, but it was not to be. But many years later (i.e. now), I came across the EP, not in cassingle form mind you, but I was happy none the less.

Happy enough to share it with you fine folks. It's a fine slice of golden age goodness, with the RZA's flow sounding almost the same as it would be on the Wu records to come, but in a happy-go-lucky ode to the ladies. It makes it kind of funny hearing the song now when you think of the RZA as the Abbott or as a member of the Gravediggaz. I think it's aged well, with the RZA's self-produced beat as simple and catchy now as it was back in the day (a Wednesday, as you know). Also have to appreciate that RZA had actual women sing on the hook, he didn't just have his homies try and sound like women as some other groups did (ahem, a certain group starting with the initials N & S, I'm looking at you).

Check out the video too, also a slice of delightful, early 90's nonsense. My favorite part is 20's matinee idol RZA picking trying on bowties.

mp3:: Ooh We Love You Rakeem (Baggin' Ladies Mix)

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