Monday, March 26, 2007

News:: Owen on Daytrotter and Fred Herzog photos

The first little tidbit might only pertain to an Vancouver readers, but the Art Gallery is currently displaying a series of Fred Herzog photos that capture the city for the last 40 years. His collection includes over 80,000 shots, and it's a true pictoral time capsule.

Some of the photos of the downtown area are breathtaking, as you see houses and green lawns, not towers and towers of glass. You can check out some photos on his web site.
MP3:: Old Photographs - Fulton Lights
M4A:: Sending the Photographs - Julie Doiron

The second quick-hitter is one we can all enjoy. Herohill loves some Owen. Kinsella stopped by Daytrotter and record four songs, including two Japanese b-sides. As always, they are hearfelt, sad and amazing.

Track list::
Playing Possum for a Peek
I Woke Up Today
Bad News
A Fever Analog

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At 2:35 AM, Blogger jodie did sayeth:

ooh i went to see herzog's show too. twice. it's pretty awesome, indeed.

thanks for the tracks.


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