Monday, March 19, 2007

Reviews:: Mando Diao Ode to Ochrasy

Writing about new music the day after SXSW is kind of like writing about food the day after Thanksgiving. Most people just want a break, but there are some of us who look forward to the open faced turkey sandwich.

Mando Diao is back, with their third record - Ode to Ochrasy - and I really can't understand how this Swedish group hasn't found a home yet. Their 60's influenced garage/punk rock jams are filled to the brim with non-stop energy. Crunchy guitar riffs, sing-along choruses and a playful side that really shines through; all elements that usually find their way onto the blogosphere and lots of kids ipods. But, somehow, they haven't really taken off.

The new record is solid, and filled with dance floor stompers like the kick-ass titled, Welcome Home, Luc Robitaille or Killer Kaczynyski. The band uses horns and subtle variations - like the great bass line on the Wildfire or the plunked piano intro that explodes into the snotty anthemesque You Don't Understand - to keep you jumping around your room for the majority of the 14 songs.

One of the most overlooked aspects of the group's songwriting is the subtle nods the band puts out - like the lovely Beatles medlody of Hey Boy. Despite the raucous garage punk rockers that the band is known for, little traces of surf rock (Amsterdam or the surfy romp of Good Morning, Herr Horst, which sounds like something the Red Elvises would have played in Six String Samurai) or the acoustic surfer styles of Josephine really throw in the changes that help keep the record chugging. All too often bands like this are simplified, but I think this outfit is much more talented than people give them credit for.

Ochrasy is a word the band made up for time after a show, in the early morning, when the adrenaline and booze is wearing off and they exist in an almost fantasy world. While it sounds a bit weird, the song itself sums up the feeling perfectly. With hints of 50's pop and Jeff Buckley, it's a great closer to a frantic record, and more importantly, the end of the night.

Mando Diao is at the Plaza on May 5th

MP3:: You Don't Understand Me
MP3:: Chet Baker
This is a track from the EP they put out to get us ready for the record. It's a great acoustic number that is all mellowed out with street souds and a picked riff. It's nothing like the album, but I really like the track.

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I'm not too keen on the new stuff, but I'm considering paying the $13.50 for Sheepdog.


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