Sunday, March 25, 2007

Reviews:: Voxtrot Voxtrot

Hipster backlash is an interesting thing. If you don't change, people attack you for writing the same record over and over again, but if you take risk and change, you better change the way your fans want you to...

Voxtrot, along with Tapes N' Tapes and CYHSY, became the blogger's band. Behind the strength of three catchy as hell EPs, it seemed almost everyone was enamored with the Texas band. It would have been an easy decision to consolidate these three works and throw an album out to the general public, but instead the band went another way. Ramesh sheepishly admits, "I had to lose my idols to find my voice". Gone are (most of) the poppy B&S;/dancey Smiths influence, the floating, soaring medlodies, and in their place are songs that are more challenging, darker, and maybe more rewarding for the listener.

The feedback - people, like my hair in junior high, are split down the middle (just look at the variety of the comments here). I've been listening to the record for a week, trying to avoid the rush judgement that often plagues sites (including this one), and I can say that I'm happy with the full length. If I wanted to hear Mothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives - well, I'd put it on. I'm glad the band expanded on the sound for which they are known.

It's the little changes that I really like about this record. The new wave vibe that is distinctly challenges the soothing strings on Brother in Conflict, the underlying country swoon of Future Pt. 1, the bouncy bassline and fuzz of Firecracker, the well placed horns and Bloc Party-esque intro on Blood Red Blood. The band still writes catchy tracks - Stephen and Every Day should satisfy any fan - but they seem determined to expand as a band. Previous to this release, I'm not sure I could have pictured the band working through a 4-minute melancholic string/piano ballad, but I think Real Life Version works. There may not be the hits and fun everyone wanted, but I am happy to see them trying something new, taking a risk, and personally I think they pulled it off.

MP3:: Kid Glove

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