Sasquatch Festival:: Electralane

Another fantastic act gracing the stage @ Sasquatch is Electrelane. Electrelane is an political/art house all-girl outfit that combines droning guitars, keys, bass and drums with tonnes of energy. It's rough, but yet so incredibly focused at the same time. Wow, that reads like a marketing slogan. "Try new coke... or Jello Pudding Pops!"

The Berlin-based quartet plays music that I can only describe as delicate grunge. It's catchy, but by now means over produced or even polished. Their new album - No Shout No Calls - combines on the greatness of The Power Out and Axes, and mixes instrumental interludes with Verity's vocal lines that swell like a storm. The band avoids the temptation to throw too much into the mix, instead using minimal sounds to form the groove. The songs use simply melodies and instrumentation to build slowly with gentle crescendos until you are immersed in sounds.

But, much like good writers must learn how to break grammatical rules for success, the band manages to escape predictability with frantic transitions on songs like After the Call or the powerful Between the Wolf and the Dog. The girls really blossom on the keyboard driven (and dare I say Doors-esque) Tram 21. Simple oohs and aahs are enough to keep the melodic track from falling apart. Instead you get a pulsating beat that sounds great in your head phones.

The albums penultimate song - Cut and Run - shows the another wrinkle as the backbone of the song is an acoustic riff that could easily be played by an artist on the Brushfire label, but the hum of the keys and Verity's vocals turn it into a rough sounding gem.

For those at Sasquatch (or who check the girls out @ Richard's on Richards with the Blow on the following night - May 27th) be ready to rock out.

MP3:: Cut and Run

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