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Obviously if you're moving back to Halifax from Toronto, you're going to notice some differences. A lot of those are social/cultural in nature. Halifax is a fraction of the size of Toronto, so you don't have the same range of activities available to you, things like sporting events, museums, theatre, and concerts to name a few. But without a doubt, the thing I've noticed people clamouring for are the concerts.

Certainly there's plenty of great live music in Halifax, the majority of which is of the local/indie variety. Fine by me, but most people here are desperate to see "name" acts, so when an act of some size does come here, people come out in droves. Last year, Motley Crue played in Halifax around this time, and the way people at work described the show, you'd have thought it was 1986, not 2006. In fact my mother went to see the Barenaked Ladies a couple weeks ago, and told me they did 3 encores. 3! I'm aware that white people love the BNL, and we have a plethora of white folks here, but 3 encores seems like a bit much. I wonder how many of those encores included a certain song about what the band would do if they happened to come into a large sum of money.

So, when I came across this story about Halifax and Moncton duking it out for the high honour of hosting Faith Hill and Tim McGraw's world renowned Soul 2 Soul tour, I wasn't surprised. It seems Moncton hosted the legendary Country Rocks The Hill show last year on Magnetic Hill, and it was also the site of a Rolling Stones concert, that was much better attended than the Halifax version that took place a few months later in a driving rainstorm. Not only does Moncton have the experience, but according to the article, "Magnetic Hill has better infrastructure". You might not be familiar with Magnetic Hill, but it's claim to fame is that your car appears to roll UP HILL. Hard to argue with infrastructure like that.

But we've got the population, so come on Faith and Tim, come to Halifax! In fact I don't care if you come really, as I will 1000% not be at the concert. But I'd like to think that if more shows like this come to Halifax, we'll get on the map with larger promoters and perhaps get some bigger acts to come to Halifax. Wishful thinking perhaps, but I'd say we've got the population in the Maritimes to support shows like this. People drive from the ass-end of Cape Breton drive to Halifax just to go to Costco, imagine if they could see country music superstars in the same trip! Perhaps that would be too much excitement, better to keep Costco and Country as two seperate trips.

In the end, one of the main reason for this post was that I loved the comments on the aforementioned article. Almost none of the other articles you'll find on the paper's site have more than 1 comment, yet this one has 11. People didn't just comment, but commented slagging the opposing city. Even someone from Saint John chimed in saying forget Halifax and Moncton, come to their fine city. All in the name of Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. Really, if that doesn't tell you how desperate people here are for music nothing will.

In closing, the most insightful comment of all:

"A Corner Wino from st john, nb writes: take my word you will be better off without this trailer trash coming to town she's a crack head sore loser and he will only buy hair groww cream ...keep them out of town"

Well said my friend, well said

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