Wednesday, April 11, 2007

News:: DJ Aladdin, Where Is He Now

The internet can be a bit of a mind blower these days. As you well know, it's gotten to the point where you can find any album out there, no matter how obscure. That's a good thing if you're like me, and you have a crap-ton of old hip hop cassettes you planned to convert to mp3, but the hectic-ness of having a kid and your general laziness has put the ki-Bosh (Raptors, Atlantic Division champs, deal with it) on that.

Luckily, sites like Bust The Facts, Wake Your Daughter Up, To The Break Of Dawn, and Golden Age Hip Hop have been a goldmine for finding some of those old classic albums. One such album is Low Profile's We're In This Together, which I downloaded the other day. In fact I was so hyped to find this west coast classic, that I planned to post on it, when I came across this rather excellent post on Ryan Somer's Brazilian Faith Healer blog about all things Aladdin.

Low Profile consists of MC W.C. and DJ Aladdin who were hooked up with Ice-T's Syndicate but unfortunately only put out the one excellent album before going their separate ways. W.C. did plenty of notable work afterwards with W.C. and the Maad Circle and Westside Connection, but Aladdin's work isn't as well known. Well thanks to Ryan's post, we find out that Aladdin considers himself to be "An adventurous Icon that specializes in entertaining beautiful women", plus you can download a couple of 12"s he was involved with, and also check out vids of his DMC routines. There is something strangely hypnotic about watching a dude with a jheri curl cutting the hell out of Rock The Bells.

You can download the full Low Profile album from Ryan's post, but I needed to include Pay Ya Dues in this post because it's such a great jam. Enjoy.

mp3:: Pay Ya Dues

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At 11:19 PM, Anonymous did sayeth:

Oh man, that album is so good. One of my best scores from the family vacations to Florida. I think you might have even stole it from me.


At 9:21 AM, Blogger naedoo did sayeth:

We are in agreement on your first statement, this album is indeed so good. However, your claim that I stole it from you is, like a Ricky Henderson lead in 1986, way off base.

I only had a badly dubbed copy of this album, not even sure who I got it from. But on the other hand, if this album was still in your collection when I was raiding your tapes, I would've taken it.

So perhaps not that far off base.


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