Thursday, April 12, 2007

News:: White Rapper Show Episode 2

The trainwreck continues. This show is completely horrible, and I'm having trouble determining if it is for real or not. MC Serch is comical, so it matters little, but if these cats are the best white rap has to offer, we are all in serious trouble.

Episode two was not nearly as drama filled as the cliffhanger that was the season premier. No racial slurs. No people telling Serch to get to stepping. Not even any I Love White Rappers wife-beaters.

The future of hip-hop got to meet some legends (Kurtis Blow and Fabel) and had the chance to breakdance to show their respect of the four elements. Much to my shock, these cats didn't bring much technique and got clowned as a result. Since this didn't really have much to do with anything, it made me laugh. The real contest was a name that tune contest where Kid the greasy mohawk (100 Proof) showed his knowledge and earned a ghetto pass from the challenge.

The challenge was bon-kares. Two teams of four, rapping as a crew about the history of hip-hop. Serch crushes the verses, saying one was bad after school special and the other verse is knocked down a peg for profanity. At the end of the second verse, G-Child (who loves Vanilla Ice) does this horrible uprocking, but she thinks it won the contest for them.

So, it is Sullee, Misfit, Persia, and John Brown in the final elimination challenge. They bascialy have to write a verse clowing themselves and Sullee does ok. Prince Paul helps Serch decide, and because the other verses are mud no one feels safe. In the end Misfit gets tossed, which is nice because one Lady Sov is more than enough.

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