Friday, May 4, 2007

Larry Bird List of Best Releases of 2007

You’ve read it everywhere, but 2007 is going to be a great year in music. To be honest, we are only four months in and already they top shelf releases are adding up. S at the 33(%) mark, we decided to compile the Larry Bird List of Best Releases of 2007.

10:: Cinquefoil – Oweihops
This record bumped Ted Leo out of the top ten. I’m not sure if the EP is better than Ted’s great release, but I know for a fact 4 of the songs Metivier included will be regular listens for a long time.
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MP3:: This Morning I Drove Into a Cloud

9:: Transparent Things - Fujiya & Miyagi
A kraut-rocking, funk infused record by three British cats who pretend to be Japanese. Sound a little too weird for you? Well, listen to Ankle Injuries and just know you will be won over.
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MP3:: Ankle Injuries

8:: Get to the River Before it Runs Too Low - Sea Wolf
This EP cam out of nowhere for me, and after seeing the band deliver the songs live… well, let’s just say I’m won over. The instrumentation is perfect and Alex is a very charming front man. The songs give you that comfort you crave, like a cardigan sweater for your ears.
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MP3:: You’re a Wolf

7:: You Can’t Win – Dolorean
Al James. Really, that’s all I’d normally have to say. But You Can’t Win is one of the most beautifully, depressing records I’ve heard in a long time.
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Stream:: Heather Remind Me How This Ends

6:: Every Damn Time - Black Diamond Heavies
This two-piece from the south brings the noise, the pain, or any other generic catch phrase you need. This is how I originally described the record, and I think it stacks up well - Using a Fender Rhodes and some head down, straight ahead drumming, the duo brings it in a way I’m used to hearing from the late, great RL Burnside or John Lee Hooker. It’s gritty. It’s raw. Most importantly, it makes you want to move (either in a sweaty, dance floor stomp or a religious sway).
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MP3:: Fever in My Blood

5:: Fourteen Autumns and Fifteen Winters– The Twilight Sad
I was completely run over by this release. Had never heard of the band and within one song I was hooked.
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MP3:: Cold Days From the Birdhouse

4:: Wincing the Night Away – The Shins
Yeah, we all know. Garden State. Over exposure. Lots of pressure. Not only have the Shins dealt with the hype really well, they delivered a fantastic record. It’s more of a grower than the other two releases, but still fantastic.
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MP3:: Phantom Limb

3:: Cancer & Delerium – J Tillman
I’m a huge J fan and this CD is even better than his other releases. You often hear reviewers saying an artist puts his heart and soul into every note. I think Tillman is the perfect example.
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MP3:: Ribbons of Glass

2:: Beyond – Dinosaur Jr.
20 years after the break up, this band can still crank up the amps and blow you away. This renews my faith in rock reunions…
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MP3:: Been There All The Time

1:: The Boxer – The National
Album of the year. I can’t see anything beating this.
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MP3:: Fake Empire


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