Old School Mondays:: Maestro Fresh Wes & BDP Live

Ok, he's a new post series I'm starting here on the hill. Basically, every Monday morning when you stop by this here site, you can count on finding a couple gems from hip hop's ballyhooed golden age. I'll sort through my vast digital treasure trove of hip hop hits to find songs I consider classics for one reason or another. It's not as if you needed another reason to come to climb the hill, but this should give you a little added incentive to cyber scale us on a Monday morning.

I know there's plenty of other hip hop blogs out there, so why am I starting this posting feature now? My reasons are threefold:

1 - Simply put, the Ack and I love talking about old school hip hop. These posts will provide more opportunity for us to do so. Believe it or not, the super merd you know now as the Ack was once a serious hip hop enthusiast, so perhaps we'll even get him to chime in on a song from time to time. As for me, goes without saying I could talk about Awesome Dre or Smooth Ice all day.

2 - You need more hip hop in your life. If our traffic statistics are any indication, the majority of the people that come to the hill aren't much into the hip hop. Sure, hunting down the next Icelandic singing-songwriting sensation is cool, and who doesn't want to find more banjo-based indie music, but sometimes a dose of the hip hop is just what the Doctor (Ice) ordered. In the immortal words of Rodney O - "A dose of dope is what the people requested, we fled from the scene before we got arrested". Word.

3 - More witty banter. Here at the hill we pride ourselves on two things: witty banter and nonsense. Oh, and we post some good music too. Thus, we usually jump at the chance to post on anything that will allow us to combine good music with our trademark witty banter. Old School Mondays will definitely allow just that.

mp3:: Maestro Fresh Wes - Let Your Backbone Slide
I thought it was only fitting to start things off with the guy who pretty much invented Canadian rap. Please, our American friends, stop laughing. We do have a bit of a hip hop scene up here, and I bet if you asked any Canadian hip hop artist, either Kardinal, Classified, Swollen Members, or Buck 65, I'm sure they would all tell you at one point they were influenced by the Maestro. before this song dropped, Canadian hip hop was like Canadian TV or movies in the 80's. Dudes were trying, but it simply came off as a cheap imitation of what the US was doing. But Let Your Backbone slide was a revelation - a song by a Toronto dude that was as good as anything coming out of the States. The combination of the addictive, sampletastic beat (the keyboard riff from the Mohawks The Champ being the key element) and the Maestro's verbal gymnastics was a mind-blower for '89. This song was also perhaps the most mis-quoted rap song in it's day. If you asked 10 kids in 1989 about the line "So many suckers on my sacroiliac, It's like a rap-sack, backpack" you would get 10 different explanations about what he's saying. Ok, I've already written a novel about this song, so if you've never heard it, check it out, and if you loved it back in the day, check it again.

mp3:: BDP - Still #1 (Freestyle)
I'll try and keep this one short, as this one doesn't need as much background. Taken from the BDP Live Hardcore Wordwide album, this version of the classic Still #1 is my original hip hop goosebumps song. Usually live hip hop albums are not in the stellar category, but that is because modern hip hop shows have become one MC with 3 hype men all talking into the mic at the same time and making it impossible to hear anything. This album featured KRS in his prime mainly killing things on stage solo, with the crowd absolutely going bon-kares. If you're like me, when the beat comes in, and KRS says "Of course we can't take no shorts on this record right here" you still get hyped to this day when you hear it. Then we he cuts stops halfway through the song and goes freestyle, you can forget Miller as it's certainly goosebumps time. I know Ack and I both love this song, it's a must listen if you've never heard it.

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