Thursday, May 3, 2007

Reviews:: Cat-A-Tac Past Lies and Former Lives

Where do you go with a review once the band is labeled as a shoegazer, My Bloody Valentine, Galaxie 500, Jesus and Mary Chain, or Cure sounding outfit? I mean, each of those bands has such a distinct and trademark sound that just by name dropping, you kind of get an idea of the band’s sound. And to be honest, it’s a real easy way for a reviewer to describe a band without dissecting the elements.

Sadly, most bands that draw inspiration from those bands usually end up falling short. It doesn’t seem hard. I mean, fuzzed out guitar trapped with warm pop hooks. It sounds so easy, so why do so many bands struggle trying to find the right combination of dream filled bounce and earthbound grittiness. Cat-A-Tac is one of the bands that succeed and power through the haze so essential to the sound.

Their new record – Past Lies and Former Lives - should hit home with any shoegaze fan. The warm buzz of Credit Whore, complete with swirling backings and crunchy riff blends nicely into the poppy, weightless feel of Respite and the seamless transition shoes the skill this Denver quartet brings to the table.

The band isn’t afraid to rely on a straight hook either. The title track is a textbook indie number that relies on the personality of Jim’s voice and subtle feedback on the chorus to draw you in, before evolving into a dense, although surprisingly harmonious cloud. They use enough structure to keep me interested, but never let themselves be defined by it.

I don’t think there is much else to say other than I like the bands Cat-A-Tac lists as influences, and I like their own unique take on the music. It’s got the right amount of drive, muscle, melody and spacey zoning required to keep my head nodding. Coming up with anything else takes away from everything I like about this type of music.

MP3:: We’re All Gone

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