Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Reviews:: Spiderman 3 .. well sort of

Copyright infringement, like identity theft, affects millions of people every year! So I guess that is why the powers that be at Spiderman 3 Inc. decided to make the promo discs for the new soundtrack harder to get into than Donna Martin’s knickers. Seriously.

Before I can even open this promo slab, I have to agree to some crazy restricted release jibber jabber about express written consent like I’m thinking about illegally broadcasting MLB games. The CD has my name and company printed on it, and is watermarked so I can’t sell it. Couple that with the fact it apparently doesn’t play on any computer drive. So essentially, it is being sent out to bloggers to blog about, but can’t be accessed on computers. It’s kind of like sending out a book to someone who can’t read and saying, what do you think?

As a result, my review is pretty short. I’ve heard a couple tracks on the ole internet – The Walkmen track Red River is a really solid, and I was impressed, as always, by Zach Rogue’s breezy delivery on Sightlines. The CD will take indie even more into the mainstream with tracks from the Flaming Lips, Wolfmother, Snow Patrol, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Killers and Jason Schwartzmann’s solo project Coconut Records. So I would have really liked to hear the CD, and think it’s great to see these bands given the chance to have a song go out to the masses. Bloggers always say, “If people heard this CD they’d be huge”, so I guess for most of these bands, this is that chance.

Even without hearing 85% of the CD, I’d wager this disc will be better than the movie. Which brings up an interesting debate topic – what movies had better soundtracks than the movie itself? Obviously, Wicker Park and I Am Sam come to mind, but I’m sure there are lots of others.

Some people are much less concerned than herohill about the infamous web sheriff. If we are going to get shut down, it’s not going to be for a Flaming Lips chuck away, but via the net you can track down some of the tracks that I was actually interested in hearing::
MP3:: Sightlines – Rogue Wave
MP3:: Red River – Walkmen
MP3:: Sealings – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
MP3:: Summer Day – Coconut Records
Video:: Signal Fire - Snow Patrol

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