Thursday, June 28, 2007

Jason Molina week:: Thursday

Well, the bus ride back from Whistler took forever so I didn’t get to keep with the Jason Molina week theme. But, like Alf, we are back in pog form. The disc on Sojouner that grabbed my attention was Nashville Moon, because it had Steve Albini’s name attached to it. It’s no secret, I love the way Albini (he's worked with almost every artist I love) turns dials and simplifies sounds.

His influence on the record is subtle, but very strong. Molina knows the sounds he likes and uses, but Albini really compartmentalizes the sounds and knows exactly when to turn out the volume on a piano tinkle or guitar flourish. More importantly, he crystallizes Molina’s voice and lets it stand head and shoulders about the other sounds. Albini has worked with Molina before, and it’s really interesting to see his different approaches with songs. Don’t This Look like the Dark, North Star - the harmonies that close this track out are amazing - and (my favorite song on the disc) Hammer Down take on a new life in the studio. Every note hits you they way the duo wants it to, and the gentle crescendos are fantastic. Between the power of Molina’s voice, and their control over the sound, you literally get hit with the mood of the emotion of the song on almost every number. Albini has the ability (as he's proved with his work with Nina Nastastia) to let an artist's voice bend, break, rise, and fall without ever muzzling the power and sincerity with too much instrumentation.

The flushed out sounds of Lonesome Valley is stellar, but the most intriguing sound is the title track, Nashville Moon. As the song unveils itself, I actually visualize Molina as a front man, walking around the stage with just a mic. The graceful slide guitar, piano and horns flutter around my headphones, and I get completely immersed in the lyrics.

So far, Sojouner is the most diverse and worthwhile box set I’ve come across. I'm still not sure if I feel right giving posting this stuff, so I'll point you to the stream and and older track.
Stream:: Soujouner
MP3:: Get Out Get Out Get Out

web site :: more mp3s

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