Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Jason Molina Week:: Tuesday

As we push on with Molina week here on the hill, we’ll talk about the Sojouner box set he's releasing. Molina is an adaptable song writer, and Sojouner really highlights his various means of recording and his respect for music.

The Sun Session is a four-song disc recorded at the legendary Sun Studios in Memphis. Other notables that have graced the studio included Elvis, Roy Orbison and Mr. Cash. Molina gives a spirited performance, and chooses two songs I absolutely love. Memphis Moon and Hang On, Magnolia both sound fantastic and fit in perfectly with the idea of the record, but the topper is the Cash cover – Trouble in Mind. You can tell the setting really influenced and inspired Molina, and the results are fantastic.

I don't want to link any songs from this, as it's only four songs and the label hasn't even given up any songs from it yet. So if you need to hear some of the new stuff, you can just follow the hype machine link.
MP3:: Lonesome Valley

web site :: label :: more mp3

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