News:: The National takes over the NET + Wolf Parade show

Some interesting posts have surfaced on the NET lately. Mostly, this is news about the National and live sessions from the new album that will have to hold me over as I am in Toronto when they are here.

Link:: Rawkblog – The National (5.24.07 White Sessions)
A fantastic live session for a radio station in France. It’s the perfect amount of controlled execution and energy to make you fall in love with the band again. The drums sound great, and Padma is all over the mix. I’m linking one song, but head over to the real host and pay your respects for such a great find.
MP3:: Slow Show

Link:: So Much Silence – The National (AOL Interface)
Four great tracks that Kevin took the time to splice for us all.
MP3:: Complete session + interview

Concert news:: Wolf Parade are at Richard's on September 7th.

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