News:: New Matt Pond PA + Matt Pond is disguise

Who needs some good news? Well, we all do I guess. Matt Pond PA, despite line-up changes, are giving fans a little taste while we wait for the new record (Last Light - due out in September) with a 5-song EP on Altitude records called If You Want Blood.

The band is streaming two songs – Magic Boyfriend and If You Live – on their myspace and I’m impressed. Magic Boyfriend, while still a good song, is a bit more country than I expected, but If You Live fits nicely into the grandiose arrangements the band was so successful with on the last record. Strings, guitar, soaring melodies – you know, that old Matt Pond chestnut.
MP3:: If You Live – Matt Pond PA

Keeping with the Matt Pond PA vibe, they’ve also got a new side project called the Dark Leaves. It’s a way to hash out some songs in a more collaborative manner. They’ve thrown up some demos of the songs on yet another myspace, but promise that they will be changing before they are released.

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