News:: Weekend wrap-up

Well, I was a little put off by my weekend in music. I was told that the Land of Talk set was cancelled, so my tix got cancelled in the process. Instead, I found out that Liz played a solo set which I would have rather enjoyed seeing. I would have also enjoyed seeing the Rosebuds dance-tastic set.

The real kicker? Since I had tix to see that show, I had to pass on seeing Girl Talk, which by all accounts was unreal. Quinn from From Blown Speakers put up a nice wrap-up of the show.

People are divided about the New Prons first single, but they are playing in Vancouver on Sept. 28th.
MP3:: My Rights Vs. Yours

Robbers on High Street are almost ready to unveil their full-length. I'm going to have a full review up in the next little bit, but in the meantime:
MP3:: Crown Victoria

Muzzle of Bees has some videos of the National set @ the High Noon Saloon.

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