Old School Mondays:: P-King & Brothers Uv Da Blackmarket

Usually we don't have a particular theme here on Old School Mondays. Well actually this is only the 3 edition, so discussing what we usually do might be a bit of a stretch. But whatever, point being that this week's songs have a bit of a theme to them. Last week P and I were on vacation in Maine and New Hampshire, where I also spent many vacations in my youth. I've mentioned this before, but I'd always come back from New England with a stash of new tapes. Believe it or not, in the dark ages before the internet, there was a time when there were certain albums that you could only get if you were physically in the US. So it would be a tape buying bonanza when I was down there, some I would even buy at random just by looking at the cover or reading the song list.

So there you have the theme, songs from albums I bought at random on vacation in the US. Ironically both albums are from 92, so chances are I bought them on the same trip. I would be surprised if more than one person who reads this had heard of either of these albums, but they both got heavy rotation back in the day.

mp3:: P-King - Sleep Away Camp
Honestly, I still know nothing about this dude. My friend Mr. Google appears to know even less, so I was going to dig out both of these tapes and try and get some info from the liner notes, but honestly, that's a lot of work. The album was put out on Warlock records, which I believe also released the Jungle Brothers first album. That's not relevant at all really, but it's my attempt at some background info. I do remember that the cover pretty much sold me on this album. When you consider that the cover is simply the silhouette of a dude in front of a city-scape at dusk, I must've been easier to impress then I remember. But he is holding a cool Egyptian staff, and you can't beat a nice Egyptian staff where early 90's hip hop is concerned. In the end, this album was a nice surprise and this track, despite the ridiculous name, was probably my favorite. It basically lifts the "Ain't No Half-Steppin'" beat whole-hog, but they add a cool "dum-dum-dee-dee-dum-dum" sample and some horns on the chorus, and that makes it for me. Well that, and this line "A lyrical terror is now on the scene, because I can walk on water, eat bullets, and shit ice-creams". Not one ice-cream mind you, but multiple, and that is impressive. P-King isn't a half-bad MC, and he's joined by someone named Lord Poe who adds a forgettable couple verses. But there you go, enjoy the song and if you have anymore P-King info, leave a comment.

mp3:: Brothers Uv Da Blackmarket - Collette Da Pet
This comes from the Ruff Life album, which is something of a favorite amongst 90's rap enthusiasts. That being said, there is even less info on the web about the Brothers Uv Da Blackmarket. Well, that isn't true, I was able to confirm they were from Jersey and that the group consisted of MC Cool Money Cee, and DJ Mental. Apparently they were loosely affiliated with the Flavour Unit as well. I also know they were on Select records (home to classic albums by Chubb Rock, AMG, and M.O.P. among others), so that, combined with their wicked name, was enough to convince me to make the purchase. Again, despite having a flimsy case for buying this one, I liked it plenty. There are a couple other songs that were released as singles from this album, Livin' In A Bottle and Not You Again, but this song was always my favorite for one rather specific reason. Or rather, for one specific line: "The girl was fly, I don't know why she tried to scam me, but I had to hook off and give her two eye-jammies". It's a hard and fast rule with me, any mention of eye-jammies in your song automatically guarantees my approval. Really, the whole song is great, I enjoy the ragtime piano riff on the chorus and the beat itself has plenty of solid piano too. Not too mention the song is about a girl who drugged Cee and then roasted him on a spit like a stuck pig. When's the last time you heard a song about that? Also included is the line "she went out like karate shoes", which is rather excellent. I forgot how much I enjoy this song.

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