Monday, June 4, 2007

Old Skool Monday:: MC Shan & Special Ed

The second in our weekly series about old skool hip hop. Shane's away, so I am taking credit for 50% of this post, but hopefully he'd be ok with my choice of Special Ed.

mp3:: MC Shan - Kill That Noise
Considering I posted a BDP song in last week's inaugural edition of Old School Mondays, and I wrote a long-winded review of KRS & Marley Marl's new album, there's been a lot of KRS talk on the hill recently. And there certainly should be, Ack and I both enjoy KRS, but what about the man he used to catapult himself to fame, didn't Shan ever come ack at Kris? Of course he did, but you hear almost zero about it. Kill That Noise was Shan & Marley's response to BDP's South Bronx, KRS & Scott La Rock's initial attempt to take a crack at the Juice Crew posse. It's not a bad song, with a classic beat that utilizes the same guitar lick Redhead Kingpin used for Do The Right Thing, and Shan is in good form. He doesn't make explicit mention of KRS, but they play the "South Bronx" chant and then Shan says "Kill that noise!" which is kind of cue really. But really, this song is memorable because it inspired The Bridge Is Over as a response. The song that inspired one of the best diss songs ever deserves some shine I think.

mp3:: Special Ed - Think About It
A few years ago, Shane's friend K-os exploded onto the scene as one of the rappers that hipsters deemed worthy. The track Fantastique borrowed liberally from Special Ed's verses, which is a-ok(os) with us. But instead we are going to hit you with another Special Ed classic. Thinkk About It was the jam, and it also uses the same beat as Eric B & Rakim's Microphine Fiend. Ed was one of the first to drop the educated, pseudo nerdy rhymes and definitely one of the first to pretend to drive a hovercfraft in his videos. Who else can drop a JAWS reference in a rhyme and make it sound hot?

And because I'm in a giving mood, I'll throw in a little I Got it Made. This video is as awesome as any 80's rap video going. Group dancing on steps, walking through a junk yard and the classic line My name is Special Ed I'm a super duper star. Every other month a get a brand new car.
MP3:: Special Ed - I Got It Made

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