Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Reviews:: Blair Pluto

On the surface, New Orleans based Blair comes across as almost bubbly, too cute for music with titles like Wolfboy, Mona Lisa, and Half Moon. The simple painted flower cover, the title of the EP; all of these things lead you to believe she’s exists with simple analogies and grade school poetry.

Instead, Blair’s youthful face is the vessel for and old soul with the faintest dark side deceptively hidden underneath a pleasant smile. Musically, the four tracks on this EP chug along, pleasing to the ear as you make the journey, but nothing that would make turn the car around. The happy, summery country tinged sounds really disguise the fact the songs are her way of dealing with the affects of Hurricane Katrina. The songs sound soothing to the untrained ear, but I’m sure for those people who lived through the tragedy along with Blair, they are actually healing.

Even the EP’s title is something more advanced than you’d initially think, as she envisions the fact Pluto is no longer recognized as a planet – something she lived with her whole life was suddenly taken away – as a perfect metaphor for what happened to her home.

MP3:: Half Moon
This song helps illustrate why Blair has a great future in music. Her lyrics channel great folk singers of yesteryear like Joni Mitchell – pleasant imagery of birds and half moons, even using a parking lot reference - but she modernizes the song with keyboard bursts. Then at the two minute mark the song explodes into a swell of confusion and textures that crescendos for the rest of the song.

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