Thursday, June 28, 2007

Reviews:: Buck 65 - Heck

As far as my reviews go, this is going to be a short one. The other day I came across a Buck 65 album called "Heck". It seems Buck has been selling collections of some of his latest work while on tour with Sage Francis. I found this one, and I read about at least one other one called "Porch", but I have no idea what's on that one. I assume most of the stuff on here is fairly new, but I have no way to verify it as I know nothing about the album.

According to his site, Buck 65's new album, Situation will be released on September 18th. It's produced by Halifax native and Timbersnake fan Skratch Bastid, so I've been hoping Buck has brought his sound back to something a little closer to what he'd done in the past. And by past I mean before the spoken word, art spazz-out that was Secret House Against The World at least, as I thought that album was a large slice of unlistenable. This Heck album has a little more of a hip hop feel on some of the songs and I enjoy them, so I thought it deserved a posting.

Dear Life is a subdued track produced by Buck's old friend Moka Only. The song I posted below is I'm Gonna Do You which is a Jungle Bothers cover from Straight Out The Jungle. Unlike the indie scene, you rarely come across hip hop covers, so that alone is reason enough to post it. Halifax legend DJ Jorun collaborates with Buck again one All Hell Freeze, one of the most hip hopish songs I've heard Buck on for years. I enjoy Yesterday's News which is actually a Dirk Thornton song - a collaboration between Buck and Dubliner DJ Flip.

If you enjoy the Buck weirdness steez, never fear, he breaks it out with a cover of the Barnes & Barnes classic Fish Heads. Apparently Buck did the score for the film Big Rig, which is about Truckers. I did not know this. Ramblin' And Bumblin' is an unused song from that film. Misdeed features the UK's Electrelane singing a subdued chorus in a language I can't quite decipher. German? Mount Uniackeian? Hard to say. Girls With Boyfriends is a guitar fuzz filled exclusive which features Buck taking various beatings from boyfriends of girls who want to "rub his nuts with fancy oils". Indeed.

So if you've been jonsing for new Buck 65 material, you might enjoy this. I think I'm now looking forward to the new album, so that's a good thing.

mp3:: Buck 65 - I'm Gonna Do You (Jungle Brothers Cover)

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