Saturday, June 2, 2007

Reviews:: Ford Pier Organ Farming

This 6-song EP is an eclectic mix of 90's indie rock played by a post-rock band, if it was fronted by John Roderick of the Long Winters. Instead, it's all Ford Pier. But he doesn't stop there. Mixing in elements of metal, musical theatre and radio rock, Ford plays almost everything himself and it the result is a focused EP that will undoubtedly become a Canadian critics darling.

Punchy riffs, and minor tones really channel (pardon the pun) of J Robbins work, but Ford incorporates a showman's flair to the songs. Big solos and spoken word breakdowns (like on my favorite track, Employed) come out of nowhere and when you combine the sounds with the well thought out lyrics,it's a refreshing take on the music (and truthfully not one I'd expect from someone running in the same circles as the Rheostatics).

It's the little things he does - like the harmonica he adds to the drums and guitars and sung/screamed vocals of You Don't Want To Know What I'm Into really helps the song stand out. He mixes styles seamlessly and the risks play out perfectly. A perfect example is the funk bass heavy ode to the 90's era Chili Peppers Maybe It Came At The Wrong Time. The choruses are straight ahead rock, while the verses are backed by a bouncing bass line. At times I expect Keidis to jump onto the mic, but equally find myself thinking of Suicidal Tendencies. You'd never expect that song to be on the same EP as the Long Winter-ish rocing album closer, You Need a Place.

Start-to-finish, these six-songs result in (just over) 20 of the most enjoyable, most complete minutes I've heard from a Canadian rocker all year.

MP3:: Angels On Horseback
Note:: This song isn't really indicative of the rest of the EP (and not my favorite track), but it's the one the label is giving out for free. When it's only 6 songs, I kind of feel like giving away any extras is not cool. This song uses a nice bass line and some great percussion, but it's more of a punk rocking affair. It's still a pajama-jammy-jam, so snatch it up.

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