Beneath the covers:: 1 - Architecture in Helsinki vs. Dr. Dog

I can't have Shane coming up with sections for herohill and leaving me in the dust. Old Skool Mondays is good, so it will be tough to beat, but today also marks the beginning of Between the Covers. The overall goal is to pick some songs, a unique cover and discuss the pros and cons of each. So without further ado:

Architecture in Helsinki
MP3:: Heart It Races

Heart it Races is the new track from the upcoming Architecture in Helsinki record. The song uses herky-jerky percussion and some old mixer effects to create a bassline, before adding the steel drum island vibe to the mix. It's a huge change of pace from their previous work, and the calypso feel is a nice understated backing for the vocally surging song. I wasn't expecting much from this record, but if the lead single is any indicator, the show here in Vancouver (June 14th - Richard's on Richards) should be a good time.

Dr. Dog
MP3:: Heart It Races

This is really a case of a homecourt advantage. The structure that AiH created let's Dr. Dog add so much to the mix. The handclap intro, the bouncy bass line, the simple, well placed guitar work. All these elements make it impossible not to nod along to track and the band changed the claypso vibe into a driving with the radio cranked, windows down feel.

And now the decision. This fight was a lot closer than I expected. I was surprised by the change of style from Architecture in Helsinki, but in the end the Dr. Dog won with a constant barrage of head snapping jabs.

Champion - Dr. Dog

UPDATE:: If you are checking out AiH and live in NY you might want to enter this contest. The opening act - Black Moth Super Rainbow - wants to give you tickets and a crap tonne of stuff.
June 8 at Irving Plaza in New York, New York

Check out the details here:
MP3:: Sun Lips

@ 1:54 PM, Anonymous kicked the following game:

hey guys! there's this band playing with them on a few dates called Black Moth Super Rainbow that's playing that's pretty cool and you can win tickets to their shows here! " rel="nofollow">


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