Underneath the covers: Jason Molina vs. Meredith Bragg

I'd love to give you more info about this one ,but I'm still a bit in the bag from last night and stuck at a work retreat. Forced fun is awesome.

Anyway. I'm a huge Magnolia Electric Co/Songs:Ohia/Jason Molina fan, so this week, to rejoice on the Jason Molina box set, Sojouner, we are having Jason Molina week on herohill. So to keep with the theme, here's a special Underneath the covers.

MP3:: Two Blue Lights - Jason Molina (Songs: Ohia) (live)
This is one of my fav Molina songs, so little else needs to be said.

MP3:: Two Blue Lights - Meredith Bragg
Meredith Bragg gives a heart felt rendition of this song, and takes a poppier route. It's really good, and this whole EP was a bit underlooked by bloggers. Oh well. Hope you enjoy the songs.

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