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This is more or less an impromptu version of Between the Covers, used to highlight the great work by the Daytrotter team. Blog dandies – the National – just finished up an intimate 4-song set, and decided to drop a cover of the Psychedelic Furs classic, Pretty in Pink, into the mix.

So, here we go::
MP3:: Psychedelic Furs – Pretty in Pink
The Furs were an interesting mix of punk rock, psychedelic sounds and pop. They kind of used punk as their backbone, but really explored the space so to speak with swirling guitars and horns. This song was probably their biggest hit, and interestingly enough, one of their downfalls. According to ye olde wiki - Richard Butler later claimed that the success of "Pretty in Pink" caused the band to be pressured into entering the studio to record a follow-up release before they were ready. The result was Midnight to Midnight, an album which Butler characterized as "hollow, vapid and weak". But on the flip side of the coin, it was the theme song for a John Hughes movie, which kind of outweighs all the negatives of one shitty album.

MP3:: The National – Pretty in Pink
This simple cover is a perfect example of why I love the National. The drums are perfect - crisp and engaging - and Matt’s vocals grab you and never let go. The band is great at combining simple sounds and moves into the 80s noodles with little to no effort. That being said, the original is hard to beat on nostalgia alone. While Matt’s vocals sound great, you can’t help but miss the gravely sounds of Richard Butler and the borderline cheesy sax.

I have to give this to the Furs in a split decision, but mostly for the fact Pretty in Pink is classic like Coke.

@ 5:05 PM, Blogger hunta kicked the following game:

ack. Is there some way I could get a copy of The National cover song here? I know that they capped it on the Daytrotter sight.

The National are so fine.

Jeerwin at Hotmail


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