Friday, July 6, 2007 - summer mix

It's finally summer here in Van-city. The beach is packed. The sun is shining and you can see the mountains for more than a few hours at a time. You really can't complain much, except when your morning jogging route is littered with booming grannies who completely cover the running path on the Sea Wall.

Anyway, it's a summer mix with some songs (old and new) that fit into my summer activities - patio drinks, bbqs, cold beer, wine, acoustic, and soul. So here you go:

Download entire zip - here.

1:: Start a War - The National (Boxer - buy it here)
2:: Mythical Proportions - The Great Outdoors (Food, Booze, and Entertainment )
3:: Resurrection Fern - Iron & Wine (The Shepard's Dog)
4:: After all that, it's come to this (featuring amy millan) - Amos the Transparent (Everything I've Forgotten to Forget)
5:: Middle Distance Runner - Sea Wolf (live on Daytrotter)
6:: MP3:: Atlanta - Centro-matic (Operation Motorcide EP - buy it here)
7:: This Morning I Drove into a Cloud - Oweihops (Cinquefoil)
8:: You've Been Recorded - The Dreadful Yawns (Rest - buy it here)
9:: MP3:: Never Alone - Luke Brindley (Luke Brindley - buy it here)
10:: Something Beaming - Peter Elkas (Wall of Fire - buy it here)
11:: Things Have Changed - David Myles
12:: In the Colors - Ben Harper (Lifeline)
13:: Heart it Races - Dr. Dog (Heart it Races EP - buy it here)
14:: MP3:: Penny for your Thoughts - Joel Plaskett (Ashtray Rock - buy it here)
15:: Stuck for the Summer - Two Hours Traffic (Little Jabs - buy it here)
16:: Oh Dead Day - Dog Day (Night Group - buy it here)
17:: Rhythm & Soul - Spoon (Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga)
18:: If You Live - Matt Pond PA (If You Want Blood EP - buy it here)
19:: All the Lines Are Cut - The Coast (The Coast)
20:: MP3:: Have You Seen in Your Dreams - Miracle Fortress (Five Roses - buy it here)
21:: Sweetie - Josh Rouse (Country Mouse, City House)
22:: MP3:: Winter On Victoria Street - The Clientele (God Save the Clientele - buy it here)
23:: Up on the Hillside - Wayne Petti (City Lights Align - buy it here)
24:: Hold On - Tom Waits (Mule Variations - buy it here)

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At 7:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous did sayeth:

Nice choices. Especially The National and Matt Pond PA. If You Want Blood has been in heavy rotation on my ipod since it came out. And I've been head over heels in love with the National since I saw them live a few weeks ago.


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