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New Beat Radio track - MP3:: What I Love the Most
Editor note - it's actually Phil on banjo this time around. Sorry Phil!
The banjo and the mix with the electronic textures sounds great.

New Tegan and Sara video - Back in Your Head (via AOL Spinner)
Looking forward to seeing the girls play in Vancouver next month.

New Dreadful Yawns - Don't Know What I've Been On (via I Rock Cleveland)
The Yawns jump from Byrds to Velvet Underground-ish sounds. I'm in. Also in, Troy Polamalu. Out? Brady Quinn so far. As much as I love the blog, I hate the Browns. Go Steelers.

Win a copy of Two Hours Traffic - Little Jabs @ I Heart Music
It's rare that Shane and I agree on music that isn't Hall & Oates or 86-93 rap related, but we are both big fans of this record. Getting your grubby mitts on it free of charge would be wise.

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