News:: Cleaning out the mailbox

Lots of good stuff comes into our mailbox, but sadly we can't always write about each record in the detail we'd like. Here are a couple of songs to preview upcoming releases or just well worth sampling:

MP3:: People are Talking - Beat Radio
Brian's back with more free stuff for the people. The songs starts out at a delicate, carefree pace before the hook breaks in. Classic Beat Radio sound, but at the same time uses new sounds and textures for a more mature sound.

MP3:: The Night Starts Here - The Stars
Torq and Amy's breathy vocals and the dreamy arrangements never get tiresome for me and the more pulsing dance sound is an interesting change of pace for the band.

MP3:: Moments of Moments - Wayne Petti
Cuff the Duke member Wayne Petti's gently finger picks his way through this beautiful song with the help of some piano and organs sounds. It reminds me of the style Ian Love uses on his solo record.

MP3:: The Lion - Goodbye the Band
This band drops all the right influences - the Talking Heads, Stereolab and the Magnetic Fields - but influences aside, The Lion is catchy, eccentric and super fun. The back beat is a a nodder, the vocals sound nice and the breakdown at the 1:52 minute mark and the outro are Au.

Also - please check out the Will Johnson session on Daytrotter. Centro-matic is amazing, as is this session - even if a song was written during the Ravens Superbowl win. Grrr.

Come back later for the herohill summer mix.

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