Friday, July 27, 2007

News:: House & Parish

There was a time in my musical life where you couldn't look in my CD changer and not find Promise Ring, Texas is the Reason and Jets to Brazil / Jawbreaker. Well, to be honest, they still find their way onto my IPOD rotation quite frequently.

So here is some great summer news - House & Parish:
Jason Gnewikow (Promise Ring), Brian Malone (The Gloria Record), John Herguth (the Love Scene), and Scott Winegard (Texas is the Reason) have made a new super band from parts of other fantastic bands. House & Parish is like the (former) emo-Voltron.

They are just starting out, but the three songs they have available tease your impatient ear drums. This project has the potential to be unreal. Summer Programme might overtake Two Hours Traffic as my summer theme. It's the type of song I'd throw on a mix CD for Shane, knowing there is no way he couldn't like it, before hitting him with some haunting folk.
MP3:: What Am I Still Waiting For?
MP3:: Summer Programme
MP3:: Standardesque


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