News:: It's new Polaris Day!

The final nominees are up for the Canadian Polaris prize. The list was pretty standard fare for any fans of Canadian indie rock, but that's ok. All of the nominees, despite not making my list (and really, which is more of an honor?), are deserving. So without further ado (with links to the ones that you might have missed this year):
  • Arcade Fire / Neon Bible
  • The Besnard Lakes / The Besnard Lakes Are The Dark Horse
  • The Dears / Gang of Losers
  • Julie Doiron / Woke Myself Up - review
  • Feist / The Reminder
  • Junior Boys / So This Is Goodbye
  • Miracle Fortress / Five Roses - review
  • The Joel Plaskett Emergency / Ashtray Rock - review
  • Chad VanGaalen / Skelliconnection - review
  • Patrick Watson / Close To Paradise - review
I'd be happy with 80% of the nominees walking away with the 20Gs, and really I'd only be upset if Arcade Fire took the big prize. The Polaris, at least to me, is a chance for great Canadian talent to get recognized and most of those artists could use the money - which I realize shouldn't enter into the voting process, but remember how much attention Final Fantasy got last year? The Arcade Fire (or even Feist) winning would just be a blip on the blog-radar giving people a chance to post another song.

So what would my list be? Thanks for asking:
  • Julie Doiron
  • Joel Plaskett
  • Handsome Furs - Plague Park :: review
  • Miracle Fortress
  • Great Lake Swimmers - Oniagra :: review
Any you think should get more credit or the hill has missed? Let us know.

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