News:: It's Petra's Birthday

Today is my wife Petra's birthday. Like any good husband, I rack my brain each and every year trying to come up with a romantic way to celebrate this occasion. This year I had a revelation, and that revelation appeared to me in dance form. I decided I would choreograph a sultry dance routine that P and I would perform to celebrate her birthday. I mean, who doesn't love dancing? Unfortunately, I quickly realized that I do not love dancing. I also realized I needed to find two kind people willing to stand in for us and perform the dance I painstakingly choreographed in co-ordination with Paula Abdul and Leroy from Fame, Gene Anthony Ray.

Luckily two of Canada's current indie rock icons were willing to help me out. In the video below, the role of Petra will be played by Feist, and I will be played by the unofficial mayor of Mount Uniacke, Buck 65. Please enjoy.

Also to celebrate P's birthday, we will be hitting the Joel Plaskett Emergency show at the Alderney Landing in Dartmouth tonight. Should be quite the show, as I hear Ashtray Rock producer, and former double-guitar wielding Big Sugar frontman, Gordie Johnson is flying in to play with Joel, so that should be interesting. Jenn Grant and Peter Elkas are also playing tonight, so it really should be an excellent show. You can check out my reviews for Joel, Jenn, and Pete here, here, and here respectively. That is of course if the current fog bowl/monsoon conditions we're currently experiencing can ease off a bit, otherwise the excellence will certainly drop a notch. Anway, the first single and video from Ashtray Rock is Fashionable People, which I believe is also P's favorite song on the album, so enjoy both.

Happy Birthday P!

mp3:: The Joel Plaskett Emergency - Fashionable People

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