Wednesday, July 4, 2007

News:: Joel Finds Dave Boyd

Well, kind of. If you read my review of Joel Plaskett's latest album, Ashtray Rock, you know I was rather hyped to hear Fairview legend Dave Boyd receive not 1 but 2 shout outs from Joel. After the album came out I tried to find some info on what Dave was up to these days via Mr. Google, as I figured there was no way someone with the eccentric genius of Mr. Dave Boyd would be keeping cyber-quiet. But alas, Mr. G had nothing for me. No sign of Dave of Dave at all. Considering he ran for local political office on a platform that included sanctioning human-robot marriage, I found this surprising.

Well it turns out there was a reason why I found nada. It seems Dave had been posting a boatload of videos on the old you tube under the name Paul Fraser, aka Haywirecanada. I am a little concerned that I may be letting the crazy cat out of the bag here, but I figure Dave/Paul deserves all the press he can get, so he mind not mind the free publicity for his videos. And boy, are there videos. I strongly suggest you check them out. There are various diary updates (both with clothes and sans clothes), there are a few dedicated to internet hoax lonelygirl15, and there are a fine selection of blue screen gems that feature Dave/Paul doing various updates in front of random scenes which are strangely hypnotizing.

Most interesting is the latest video post, which finds Dave/Paul checking out the infamous Ashtray (Rock). Almost 10 minutes in length, it features Dave/Paul driving up to and around Northcliffe (the community centre where the path begins), walking down the path for minutes in winded silence, and then, once finally arriving at the spot, he films a smallish boulder and proclaims "there it is, the famous Ashtray Rock". Now I was told by an inside source, who claims to have named the infamous party spot, that in fact the proper name is simply "Ashtray" and that it wasn't named after a specific small boulder. But hey, who's the one getting his name mentioned in Joel's songs? If Dave/Paul says it's the Ashtray Rock, then it's the Ashtray rock.

Like I said, I couldn't find anything on Dave/Paul when I looked myself, but I was put up on Haywirecanada by Herohill co-founder Shawn Lapaix who received a tip from Joel himself. I knew there were plenty of people curious about Dave/Paul and the legend of Ashtray Rock, so I thought this video would help fill in some blanks. As Dave/Paul says, the Ashtray was a place where they used to go "party, drink, and play games". Play games? Who knew the kids from Clayton Park used to spend their Saturday nights in the woods playing Scattergories. This video also helps me fill in some blanks as it helps prove something I've known for years: Fairview kids are cooler than those from Clayton Park.

So enjoy the video and be sure to check out some of Dave/Paul's other videos as well. I did, and I noticed Dave/Paul went through some tough times for a while there, so I thought I'd leave him a little musical pick me up courtesy of his old friend Joel.

mp3:: The Joel Plaskett Emergency - Work Out Fine

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At 9:02 AM, Blogger pnaedoo did sayeth:

You may have gone to Fairview but you had the lifestyle of a person from Clayton Park. Don't forget you did live in Clayton Park for a short time.
BTW...I think Dave got your old classes.


At 9:14 AM, Blogger naedoo did sayeth:

My own wife trying to out me as some kind of closeted Clayton Park wannabee? Not cool. I lived on the border, but repped Fairview to the fullest. Well not to the extent of rocking chinese slippers and baseball pants, but other than that I was all about Fairview.

Dave might've got my old classes, I always had plenty of class to spare.


At 9:47 AM, Anonymous Dave Boyd did sayeth:

I don't have your old glasses,well maby I do.

The main reasion you can not find anyting on me is to do with the Conservative Party or Harper Party.

They have sucessfully scrubbed the new of my cyber presence.

I ran for local office as city councillor 3 times,2 times provincialy one as an independent nd oncce as a NS Party for Fairview.I ran for the fed. Tory party nominzation 2 elections ago

a overzelus Daily News Reporter twisted my words and the next day RoboTory was born a suporting "Human Robot Marrage".

This cost me my party nomonation but made me international known.

Once an new election was called I was put out of the loop so I could not get a chance to try for the nomonation again and the conservative party wiped me off the net to help their party and Harpers's had picked candiate run in the riding.

The good thing he lost his chance for the seat by a large margin,and the people of my area never forgot about me.

Thanks to the people and friends Joel Plaskett,Danny Blakey, and Khriteen Morris. I will rise again!

Take care
Dave Boyd


At 4:03 AM, Anonymous Dave Boyd did sayeth:

new or n.e.w = the net everywere


At 2:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous did sayeth:


At 9:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous did sayeth:

Dave, you will rise again. You should use some of Joel's music as your theme songs when you run again.



At 5:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous did sayeth:

Will do thanks


At 8:42 AM, Anonymous DaverBoyd did sayeth:

I'm currently running for office check out my web site at


At 8:57 AM, Blogger naedoo did sayeth:

I believe the URL above should be:

Let it be known that Herohill hereby endorses Dave Boyd for the position of City Council in the district of Eastern Passage - Woodside HRM District #8.

We do not live in this district and thus are not eligible to vote in this election, but we're certain our endorsement still carries tremendous weight in the Eastern Passage area.


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