Monday, July 16, 2007

Old School Mondays:: Everlast & Donald D

All right, because I was on vacation last week, the Ack took the reins for Old School Mondays. Since he was kind enough to help out, I couldn't say no when he had a suggestion for this week's installment. It seems he came across the video for Everlasts' The Rhythm, which is rather awesome, so he wanted us to put that one up. Done deal, but what to pair with it? Well, I didn't put much thought into to be honest. The Syndicate Sniper Donald D appears on The Rhythm along with Everlast and Ice-T, and since I'm the proud owner of a cassette copy of Donald's Notorious, it made sense to put him on too.

mp3:: Everlast f. Ice-T, Donald D, and Diva - The Rhythm
If it seems like Everlast has been around forever, it's because he has. I'm guessing everyone is familiar with Everlast, so I'll skip the obligatory Jump Around jokes, but before he put "Irish" rap on the map, he was down with Ice-T and the Rhyme Syndicate. Although being in a posse helmed by the PT'd dude from Law & Order: Special Victims Unit doesn't seem like a big deal in 2007, in 1990 it was a prestigious spot. Being down with the Syndicate certainly gave Everlast some hip hop creds, so when Forever Everlasting dropped, it was kind of a big deal. The Soul II Soul-esque The Rhythm, with the creatively named "Diva" on the Caron Wheeler vocals, was certainly part of the reason why as it was a bit of a hit. The track is mighty catchy and Everlast opens with "I'm Everlast, born to be a Caucasian, but it doesn't matter what persuasion, you are". Word. Donald D is as relaxed as you'll ever hear him, but his verse is awesome. Ice-T mails his in, but he's an OG, so he'll do what he wants. Enjoy the track and be sure to check out the video below where Everlast & DJ Lethal tried to bring the ghetto Seinfeld look, aka suits & boots, into the mainstream.

mp3:: Donald D - F.B.I.
I think the Syndicate Sniper Donald D was perceived simply as Ice-T's head weed carrier (well perhaps it was only I who held this perception), but he did have some decent hip hop creds. He started he rhyme career in NY as part of the B-Boys who are fairly well known for their jam Rock The House. He then joined a number of NY rappers who hooked up with Ice and the Syndicate in Cali. Donald doesn't have the smoothest flow, he's kind of a yeller, but the steez works on aggressive tracks like F.B.I. where he's yelling about the evils of crack. It might also come as a surprise to today's hipsters, who love the Clipse and their up with coke raps, but at one point rappers used to write anti-crack songs. haha, I know, the naivety! The early 90's with it's "conscious" hip hop and middle east wars that actually ended was truly a simpler time. But anyway, this song was a hit in its day, mainly due to the crazy chorus: "FBI - free base institute - THAT'S WHERE THEY GO TO GET HIGH!!!". I don't think it makes sense, but it is catchy.


video:: Donald D - F.B.I. (can't embed this bad boy, so you'll have to click it to watch)

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