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Old School Mondays:: LL Cool J & Awesome Dre & The Hardcore Committee

Good readers of the hill, I have to ask your forgiveness as I realize many of you logged on to the hill yesterday expecting your usual dose of Old Schooly (D) goodness, and got nada instead. Well maybe that was just Ack, but still, I feel bad about missing yesterday so I wanted to make sure I had it up bright and early for your perusal this morning. I did have the songs ready to go, but a crazy work day Monday and my epic review of Joel Plaskett's Dartmouth show put the Chris Bosh on Old School Mondays actually getting up on, well, you know, Monday.

So here we are on Tuesday with a couple old school gems to enjoy. I didn't really have much of a theme going, but my post last week on Quake's attempt to take out all of Canada had me thinking about diss tracks, and then I came across a copy of Awesome Dre & The Hardcore Committee's debut You Can't Hold Me Back. I already had a copy of this album, but for some reason it didn't have the Kool Moe Dee diss track, I Don't Like You which I'd always found rather hilarious. Well this new copy did, so I knew I had to post that song. Now, we have nothing but respect for Moe Dee here at the hill (we did have Kool Moe Dee Week after all), but in the Quake post I mentioned that a lesser-known MC taking shots at an established MC doesn't usually work, and this song is a perfect example of that. I mean it came out in 89, when people still loved diss records and would respond to anyone. But even in that climate, Awesome Dre's attempt to beef with Moe Dee fell on deaf ears and the awesome one never blew up.

Whenever I think of Moe Dee and diss records, I have to think of LL's To The Break Of Dawn where LL puts the boots to not only Moe Dee, but Hammer and Ice-T as well. Certainly the Men's Fitness LL of today is kind of soft where music is concerned, but he was once a pretty rugged MC. I'm guessing today's rap kids don't really know, but LL was once a pretty bad man on the mic and a dude many people wouldn't step too. Check out this track for yourself if you don't believe me.

mp3:: Awesome Dre & The Hardcore Committee - I Don't Like You
Awesome Dre hails from Detroit, and back in the day I did kind of think he was awesome. I only had a taped copy of this album, but I always liked it. Keeping with Detroit's rep, and his committee's name, Awesome Dre was indeed hardcore, as the cover of his album with him holding guns to the heads of two unfortunately track-suited dudes clearly proves. I Don't Like You isn't the best song on the album, I preferred On The Rampage or Frankly Speaking, but I always remembered it due to it's ingenious chorus. Fist we hear Moe Dee's "How ya like..." followed by Dre's rebuttal "I don't like you", "I never liked you", and finally "I never will like you, just like a football, that's how I will spike you!". Damn, if meant literally, that would hurt. It's clear Dre didn't approve of Moe Dee's rapping skills, but his crazy wrap around shades and penchant for leather pants takes the brunt of his Awesome attack: "You look like a welder, naw Darth Vader, your whole hookup look like a masquerader" and "Kool Moe She, oops, I meant Dee, I really couldn't tell with those tight leather pants you see". Certainly hindsight is 20/20, but I have to think Moe Dee opened himself up to some of these shots by insisting on wearing all the leather. Dre also scoffs at Moe Dee's antiquated notion of solving battles with a fistfight, insisting that even in 1989 that everyone is packing heat, and that fact makes curbside bodyslams a thing of the past. It's too bad Moe Dee didn't respond to this, I would've liked to hear him try and put a dent in Dre's armour of awesomeness. Oh well, enjoy it anyway.

mp3:: LL Cool J - To The Break Of Dawn
Now this is how you write a diss track. Appearing on everyone's favorite LL album, Mama Said Knock You Out, LL lays the smackdown on Moe Dee, Hammer, and Ice-T over Marley's catchy combo of guitar licks and horns. LL's beef with Moe Dee has been well documented, but why he also decided to set his sights on Hammer and Ice-T is unknown to me. It matters little though, as it makes for an excellent song. Predictably, LL also takes a shot at Moe Dee's "Star Trek shades" but also gets a little personal with "you can't handle the whole weight, skin needs lotion, teeth need Colgate", and "get rid of that yuckmouth smile, cause brother, you ain't got no style". I mean sure, the yuckmouth thing isn't good, but no style, man, that would hit a leather enthusiast like Moe Dee where it hurts. LL picks on Hammer for his dancing and claims he'll light his curl on fire, but his end line is what makes the verse a knockout in my book: "when I see you I'm a give you a slap, that's right a little kick for that crap, cause my old gym teacher ain't suppose to rap". Not sure why, but that gym teacher bit kills me every time, I love that line. Ice-T isn't spared, as LL says he'll cut Ice's PT before pleasuring himself in the John to Ice's Power album cover that featured Ice's girlfriend at the time, Darlene Ortiz. LL also mentions both Oscar and Felix from The Odd Couple which is impressive and he also calls Ice-T "a little hip hop raccoon". Great stuff all around, and that's before he closes by saying he's sipping on some Bartles & James Premium Peach flavoured wine cooler. I mean, the set of brass ones it takes to rip 3 really well known MC's and then sign off by talking about the peach wine cooler you're sipping is just tremendous. I can't recommend this song enough.

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