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Make Things Make You wrote us an email, and on first glance I'd have guessed Saint Pyotr was bat-shit crazy. I mean, he opens the email with a passage from Crime and Punishment and assumed he was going to ask me to help him get his money out of an African bank. Now, I don't know ka-ra-te, but I know ca-ra-zy (thanks to James Brown), so I had to check it out.

His latest EP - Hidden Hill - is a collection of samples, textures, blips, bleeps, bird sounds, spoken word, sing/spoke lyrics, choral singing, and instruments. Despite all this, I found the EP pretty easy to digest and enjoyable. Sunshine, the first real song (after the opening 1-minute track, it'll grow under your feet and around your legs) combines bird noises, samples, and a simple sequencing/drum machine mix but over the course of the 6+ minutes he throws in the opening spiel you get when you board a plane. As I said, he may or may not be crazy, but he's definitely not boring and he has a sense of melody you wouldn't expect.

Architecture uses a bit more bass and is more atmospheric in nature, using swirling sounds and static with a difficult to hear spoken verse. Despite the fact it is barely audible, the sound is really nice and keeps you invested. Amazing Trees of the World is a symphony of sound, and may or not be playing some of the sounds backwards. It's really hard to tell, but when it all comes together it sounds great. The last song, everything ok fuck is a 13-minute collection of textures, dead air, transitions and old sampler effects that pretty well sums up this bizarre Shreveport musician.

He easily makes out list of "best free EPs from a son of a communist who refers to himself as a mysterious waif who likes to disappear for days at a time." Think of him as Album Leaf gone off his meds, and you are almost there.

The whole EP is available for free, as long as you tell someone about it - so, keeping up my end of the cyber deal, check it out.
MP3:: Sunshine
MP3:: Architecture

web site :: myspace

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