6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon :: Me, Troma, Pam Beesley :: or Wisely

OK. This is the type of CD I would not ever actually pick up and listen to the whole way through ... honestly. The name - Wisely - would make me think of bands like the Fray, and the radio rock friendly anthem that booms into your speakers to open the album is not really my cup o' tea. It's more the type of CD I'd recommend to my friend Lindsay - and did.

Then why did I give it a listen? Well, let me tell you. Willie Wisely (real name) has one of the most interesting back stories you'll ever hear. He's an actor, and has written the music for some amazing flicks. Sounds pretty normal. Lots of people do the same thing in today's multi faceted world.

Wait for it...

Wisely did the music for the amazing Troma film, Tromeo and Juliet. This movie is priceless - a bloody, B-rated gory representation of the classic Shakespeare tale from the same studio that brought you the Toxic Avenger. Both are movies I love and have watched countless times. In fact, Tromeo and Juliet was one of the first films my good friend Lexi and I watched when I moved to Pittsburgh.

Well, he also did some of the music for the terrific Troma mocumentary, Lollilove. This film starred Jenna Fischer and it was about a couple of idealists who wanted to give every homeless person a lollipop with a motivational saying / art to get them fired up to rejoin society. The spoof is absolutely hilarious and has a great cast. I'm not sure people don't walk around quoting it… seriously.

You might know Jenna better as the amazing Pam Beesley on the US version of the Office. She loves Wisely - and agreed to make a cameo in the lead single for this record - Through Any Window.

If you can every six degrees of Kevin Bacon Me, Tromeo and Juliet and Pam from the Office, the record deserves a listen. How is it? Well, it's okay. I feel bad slagging efforts like this, because there isn't anything wrong with it. It's a collection of very enjoyable pop tracks, it's just not my preferred listening. Willie can write a song, that is never to be questioned. Fans of breezy hooks could take the disc, pick and song and sway happily with the gentle acoustic riffs.

While the presence of Jenna will help people hear the single (and it is his strongest song on the record - as it is a bit more honest and less polished than the rest of the record), the AM radio pop of Tokyo Arbor and the galloping, steel laced Ella were two of the songs that stood out when I listened.

But to be completely fair to Wisely, fans of singer songwriter acoustic ditties will find a plethora of numbers to embrace here. Willie's voice is unique, and the summery feel of the album is weightless (like the aptly titled track California). Sorry, it's not much of a review, but I honestly can't think of a good way to describe the record. It's good, but the back story makes it that much better.

MP3:: Through Any Window

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