Between the covers:: Paul McCartney (& Wings) vs. Golden Dogs

Keeping it Canadian this time around, we have the Golden Dogs taking on Sir Paul and his deep fried Wings. Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five is a relatively unknown track from Band on the Run.

So let's get it on....
Video:: 1985 - Wings

Paul's piano tinker and vocals are so solid, you can't really say much bad about this track (unlike most of the Wings catalog). It's classic Paul - a hooky love song and one that looks ahead of its time now. Lyrically, it's not saying much, but it matters little. Good solid effort from the mop top.

MP3:: Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five - Golden Dogs
Wow. Seriously, despite this being controlled by the studio (they absolutely tear it up live), the piano and guitar are top shelf. The song plays to their strengths (Jessica bangs out the keyboard riff and Dave's vocals actually sound similar to Paul's) and really let's them have at it. They stay pretty true to the track until they hit you with a huge f*cking face melter that doesn't let up.

Overall - got to go with the Dogs.

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