Between the covers:: The White Stripes vs. Vivek Shraya

Ok - This one is must see TV. Normally, you'd assume anyone trying to cover the White Stripes would fall flat. Enter Vivek. He's a electro programmer / vocalist from the Tee dot, and by his own admission, he can barely play instruments. His new EP - If We're Not Talking (which I'm trying to track down now) - is an electrofest of goodness, and features Sara Quin on vocals / keys for one track. Expect to see a dramatic rise in the Vivek-related posts here on the hill.

But first - time to get between the covers.
MP3:: Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes (live in NYC)
This is a live version of one of Aitken's favorite jams. I didn't post the orig because I don't care enough about this band to get Web sheriff-ed for it, but when this came out, everyone thought that the duo had added a bass. To be fair, the track is pretty killer and it briefly rekindled my love of the Stripes. It was simple and had some solid riffage. Plus in this version he crushes NY about not being loud enough, which is kind of funny. All in all, what else can you ask for?

MP3:: Seven Nation Army - Vivek Shraya
Well, you could ask for this. Vivek takes the track and owns it. The blips and bleeps mix with the bass and makes this already electric track something special. When I first heard it, I listened to it about four times in a row. It's the type of thing a ipod DJ would keep in his bag of tricks to make the hipsters shake it at the end of the night. Just picture the awkward, tight jeaned thrashing when he sings, "make the sweat drip out of every pore."
Check out his myspace - myspace

Winner - Vivek. Hands down.

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