Contest:: Fionn Regan vinyl + Ragged Mag Hoodie

This is a solid prize pack. Ragged mag hoodie - black and chic - is enough to make you want to enter, but how about a nice signed vinyl copy of Fionn Regan's Mercury prize nominated album - The End of History (read our thoughts here).

So, if you want a nice hoodie and a slab of vinyl with a future star's John Hancock on it, drop us an email (herohill [@] gmail) or leave us a comment with your email address and hoodie size.

MP3:: The Underwood Typewriter
Note:: This song seems appropriate as he sings "I'll wear you like a hood, and a hood is a home." If that doesn't make you want a new hoodie, what does?

@ 7:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous kicked the following game:

Fionn Regan is my road trip soundtrack for driving back to school next week through the Midwestern Apocalypse.
The Underwood Typewriter makes me ( want a small Ragged mag hoodie and some signed vinyl.


@ 2:11 PM, Anonymous tlc kicked the following game:

Well that's a lovely little prize pack.



@ 2:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous kicked the following game:

Herohill RULES.
Men's Medium


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