Halifax Pop Explosion:: Eric's Trip, Two Hours Traffic

Some more acts were just announced for the 15th annual Halifax Pop Explosion. So far, this festival is shaping up to be ridiculous, especially when you see new acts like Land of Talk, Most Serene Republic and Two Hours Traffic added to the mix.

Here's the complete list of additions:
Barmitzvah Brothers
Buried Inside
The Dudes :: Check them out on tour with Hot Hot Heat
The Germans
The Got to Get Got
In-Flight Safety
Kill The Lights
Land of Talk :: This Montreal outfit is already penciled in to our end-of-year list and the record isn't even out yet.
The Most Serene Republic
Old Time Relijun
Pride Tiger :: These guys are getting huge classic rock love here in Vancouver - which leads to an obvious pride joke.
The Superfantastics
Shotgun Jimmie
Sole & The Skyrider Band
The Tom Fun Orchestra
These Electric Lives
Windom Earle

We are trying to give you a preview of some of the bigger names and can't-miss shows. With the lineup getting bigger everyday, and the quality staying pretty high, you are going to have lots of choices, but these next two acts are be there or be square type shows::

Eric's Trip
Eric's Trip was the first real big indie rock act from the Maritimes. When they signed to Sub-Pop, people freaked out. I mean, that's the same label as Nirvana was on! These noisemakers drew from the same sonic grab bag as Dinosaur Jr. and Sebadoh and like both of those bands their records still hold up well today. With the current lo-fi rock revival, I would bank on this show being crammered.

Anyway, I never saw them play live when they were still together, so getting the band back together again is kind of a big deal for me. I was too young and too into terrible emcee's like the College Boyz to care about them, but now things have changed. Most people know Julie Doiron (bass player) from her solo work, and Mark Gaudet and Rick White went on to play in Elevator, but the genesis of their music stemmed from Eric's Trip. The reunion of these four, solid full time musicians should make for one ear blasting show (and if they work they did on Julie's latest solo record is any indicator.. This set will be something to behold).

Video:: Live @ MuchMusic in '93

Two Hours Traffic
There isn't much more we can say about THT. We've given them a glowing review of their single, their new record, and professed a love for their PEI roots. Their Plaskett-produced LP - Little Jabs - is ten tracks full of super enjoyable power pop. Big Star or are they just big stars??? Clever.

MP3:: Jezebel
Video:: Jezebel

Need more people's opinions on THT?
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