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Halifax Pop Explosion:: Featured Artist - Joel Plaskett

As I mentioned in my initial Halifax Pop Fest post, we have some history with the man that is Halifax's current rock hero, Joel Plaskett. Well here's the deal, we went to high school with Joel. Now we aren't exactly tight, but he did "this guy" me in a recent article:

"I read a blog where someone said, ‘The best thing about [‘Ashtray Rock’] is that Joel mentions Dave Boyd! He used to buy alcohol for us!’ This guy also said that Dave Boyd ran for the Halifax Party in Clayton Park/Fairview—“ Plaskett pauses and whispers for dramatic effect—“on the platform that humans and robots should be allowed to marry."

As you can see from my Ashtray Rock review, I'm the "this guy" who was psyched on the Dave Boyd references. You can read more about Dave Boyd and the actual Ashtray of Ashtray Rock fame here. But doesn't knowing Joel reads the hill make you want to see him? After all he's just like you.

Surely you've done some quick mathematics in your head and are now thinking "Damn, these dudes are old". Well, that's a matter of perspective. Old for super-cool music bloggers, yes, but young for Bocce Ballers (big up to the Ianni family). Anyway, seeing as we go way back with Joel like Kwame and polka dots, it seemed like a natural place to start my fest previews.

I'm going to make an assumption that if you're taking the time to read about the Halifax Pop Explosion/Fest, you have a pretty good idea who Joel is. Of course that's a lazy assumption on my part, So here's a few quick deets: Joel was a member of seminal Halifax rock outfit Thrush Hermit, since the band's dissolution he's released 5 full length albums, 2 solo and 3 with his band The Emergency (currently David Marsh on drums and Chris Pennell on bass), his latest album, the conceptual high school rocking vs. high school loving themed Ashtray Rock has been nominated for the Polaris. I've left plenty of blanks with that thumbnail sketch of Joel's career, but our good friend Wiki could bring you much more up to speed.

All Halifax bias aside (and this is true, I am a proud Fairview boy who grew hating hating the Clayton Park. Grosvenor can still suck it too) Joel is great to see live. Joel's myspace has him playing St. Mathew's church on Saturday, October 20th, so I assume that's going to be his Explosion gig, but I will update this post when I confirm that. Either way, don't miss out. Now for some tunes, I went back for a Hermit classic as well as Joel's ode to Halifax from La De Da, which seemed appropriate. Enjoy.

MP3:: Thrush Hermit - From the Back of the Film

MP3:: Joel Plaskett - Love This Town


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