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Ok, you can just go ahead and color us excited, use some kind of yellowy-orange, or perhaps a pleasing gold. Yesterday Ack posted on the latest additions to this year's Halifax Pop Explosion, and as you can see for yourself, the lineup is simply outstanding. We hadn't even finished our previews for the first artists announced for the Explosion, so we figured we'd better get a move on. So The following is me, getting a move on.

Putting out an album that generates plenty of buzz on the indie scene seems to be rather easy these days. Oh sorry, I meant it's easy to put out an album that generates plenty of buzz on the indie scene if you're a member of Broken Social Scene. Andrew Whiteman is in fact of the aforementioned Canadian indie rock supergroup (Wiki says so!), and so the work of his side project Apostle of Hustle has been treated with the appropriate reverence. Joined by Dean Stone and Julian Brown, Whiteman crafts what I will crudely describe as catchy, attractive indie rock influenced by Cuban rhythms.

It is excellent stuff, and I have to say I'm mildly surprised that Apostle of Hustle's latest album wasn't lauded more widely. The Ack certainly gave A of H their propers in his review for the album here on the hill, and the title track is without a doubt one of my favorite songs from this year. Really, if you haven't heard this album I think you'd be surprised at how diverse and enjoyable it is. And if that isn't enough for you, I think you'd have a mighty hard time arguing that Apostle of Hustle isn't one of the coolest names going. Want more? They're one of the few (only?) Explosion acts to have also played Lollapalooza this year, and that's still kind of a big deal isn't it?

Right then, their myspace indicates their Explosion show will be October 18th at the Marquee. I know Ack and I will file this show under "can't miss", you should too.

MP3:: Apostle of Hustle - Chances Are

The fine folks at B(oot)log posted a full Apostle of Hustle show, so you can get a taste of what to expect when they hit the fest.

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