Wednesday, August 22, 2007

News:: Bill Murray still kicks ass

Seriously. Bill Murray is one of my heroes. I don't just mean for his latter work, I love Stripes, Ghostbusters, the whole kit and caboodle. So it warms my heart to know he might have got a DUI for driving a golf cart under the influence in Sweden. Just that sentence is pure gold.

But wait - here's the skinny:
"The golf cart had been on display for a week outside the downtown hotel where Murray and other VIPs attending the Scandinavian Masters golf tournament, were staying, tournament head Fredrik Nilsmark said.

Murray apparently drove the golf cart to the trendy Cafe Opera nightclub, less than a mile away, and was pulled over on his way back to the hotel."

How awesome is that. Murray rolling up to a club in a golf cart he stole from the hotel. Gets no better.

Is it a slow day? Yes. We had some Pinback action for you, but decided it might be a tad too early to post it, keeping in line with the guys from Touch and Go records. Want to know what we think about the new record? Short answer - impressive. Long answer... tune in closer to the date.
MP3:: From Nothing To Nowhere

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