Friday, August 10, 2007

News:: Fun Video Fridays with J-Bru & Friends

So it's Friday, the sun is booming here in Haltown (note: "the sun is booming here in Haltown" = 19 degrees Celsius) and here at the hill we're buzzing with excitement about our imminent, Voltron like re-forming to cover the Halifax Pop Explosion (Fest). But you'll here plenty more about that in the coming weeks. For now, I thought I'd get your day started off with a Halifax-based smile.

I saw the video for J-Bru's Help I've Been Robbed the other day, and it brought a smile to my face, so I thought I'd share it. Herohill has always appreciated hip hop tomfoolery, but sadly today's hip hop scene is far too serious and everyone's too busy getting shot or perfecting their formula for their new energy/vitamin/vodka drink. Well thanks to the good folks at Urbnet (and kudos to them, their videos are always enjoyable), and J-Bru, you can watch his new video and have a smile. Ghettosocks steals the show for me, but the whole thing is enjoyable. In fact, here's some things I enjoyed:

- Bru rhyming Sunday with Sundae

- The fact that Bru's verse takes place while he's in a car, yet he's rolling on a bike

- The chubby dude shaking the camera left this comment on youtube: "I'm the chubby dude shakin the camera at the beginning haha."

-Bru was apparently carrying $36 in change in shorts that don't appear to have any pockets

-In true struck by a vehicle fashion, Bru loses a shoe

-Clearly the worst fender bender ever: Bru gets beaten and his car stolen - where was he driving, a Brazilian favela?

-Jay Bizzy kicks it off with "I feel you man, the same thing happened to me, but not really"

-Jay shouts out Hurricane Juan and Shelburne

-He is also wearing a Marbury Knicks jersey. I suppose his Rolando Blackmon jers was in the wash

-"Sobey's parking lot doing donuts" - hells yeah!

-'Socks hat

-'Socks Slick Rick tee (an awesome, awesome shirt)

-'Socks fudgesicle

-'Socks Children's Story flow

-'Socks conducting a one man bra & panty raid at the laundromat

-Saying 'Socks

-'Socks one-legged dance at the end

video:: Help! I Been Robbed

As you can see from the start of the video, it's dedicated to Halifax rapper Short Shane, who was killed last month during an accident in Newfoundland. I'd honestly never heard of Shane before hearing of his death, but the hill's condolences go out to his family and friends, RIP. If you liked the jam, here's the mp3, so you can take it to go, sundae style. But don't be surprised if you're humming the hook all day.

mp3:: J-Bru - Help! I Been Robbed f. GhettoSocks & Jay Bizzy

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