Wednesday, August 29, 2007

News:: Jonny Stevens Gives His Music Away

If you read my review for Jonny Stevens' self-titled debut solo album, you'll recall I thought it was stellar. Hopefully you checked out the record for yourself and came to the same conclusion, but if not, I have good news for you. You can now check out Jonny's album without having to part with any of your hard-earned ducats, as he's giving his album away for free as a download:

Yes thats right I've put my album up on as a FREE

My reasoning behind this move is that as a new artist who is self managed and totaly DIY it has been very difficult to build a solid base let alone sell albums. People like me, are finding more and more of their music on the internet and are using these great new technologies to gather content. I prefer not to spend thousands of
dollars to advertise my album in trade publications so I have spent my budget on the thing that matters most...the music.

My focus as an artist is to be successful but success can come in many forms. If I could boast that my album has been downloaded 10,000 times I see it as 10,000 people who have my music and not as a loss of revenue at all. I hope to see as many people as possible with my music and more people attending my live performances which is the best way to experience music and the only possible way of breaking even.

It is an interesting time for music and the business of music. I am trying to build a bridge instead of trying to maintain one so I feel that I have nothing to loose and everything to gain by giving you this gift.

Download the album, listen to it, come out to a live show, write your own review on your blog, be your own DJ on your podcast and enjoy yourselves. If you would like to purchase something buy a T shirt from

So what are you waiting for? Get in there.

MP3:: Jonny Stevens - I Know How It Goes

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